More recent complaints about Mrs. Isis Aziz Lattouf

Isis Aziz Lattouf & Louis Amin Lattouf

More Consumer Complaints

Cogitare Aude has just been approached by yet another disgruntled consumer who is unlikely to shop at the ‘ISIS Jewellery & Gifts’ store (in Burwood NSW) ever again.

This consumer requested anonymity but provided evidence for public disclosure in a form of mp4 footage which records dealings with Mrs. ISIS Lattouf – the joint owner of the ‘ISIS Jewellery & Gifts’.

This footage is particularly disconcerting as it reveals the level of the store’s ignorance of the Australian Consumer Law.

Cogitare’s advice to all shop keepers is that if you want to do businesses in Australia then learn proper English to enable you to understand and abide by Australia laws.  Remember, lack of knowledge is not an excuse.

Here are the records which were requested to be uploaded with their original file names:

Sat 13-06-15 – Visit to Dena Store.mp4

Mon 15-06-15 – Visit to Dena Store/mp4