Corruption in Tribunals

Will NCAT solve the problem?

Legislative Council Standing Committee on Law and Justice’s INQUIRY INTO OPPORTUNITIES TO CONSOLIDATE TRIBUNALS IN NSW (est. 20 Oct 2011):

Ministerial Issues Paper (pg.8):  “In 2008, the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Amendment Bill 2008 (a.o.) provided for the establishment of a Professional Practice and Review Committee for the Tribunal.  This was introduced as a response to a high level of complaints about the Tribunal’s operations, and dissatisfaction with the outcome of decisions.”

It is five years since the statutory review was carried out, and three years since the 2008 amending Act was introduced.  There have, at times, been considerable concerns raised regarding the quality of decision-making in the CTTT.”

Terms of Reference
That the Committee inquire into and report on opportunities to consolidate Tribunals in NSW, and in particular:

2. In conducting its inquiry, consider the following specific issues

(c) the jurisdiction and operation of the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal, with
 i. its effectiveness in providing a fast, informal, flexible process for resolving
ii. the appropriateness of matters within its jurisdiction, having regard to the  quantum
iii. the rights of appeal available from CTTT decisions.”

Will NCAT solve the problem?  →  Final Report, Opportunities to consolidate tribunals in NSW


Mary Spiers Williams’ occupancy was terminated: Notice to Terminate Tenancy Agreement – 17082012 – 02092012 – WordPress

The Tribunal (Tenancy Division) Toilet Lid Case resulted in:  “CTTT External Complaint” → this complaint was sent to ICAC, Minister for Justice, Fair Trading Minister, and few more authorities.

Highly skilled criminal lawyer & aspiring academic in action:  “MSW’s Threatening Mediation Attempt without Offer 19-12-12“.  Mary labeled this email as (quoting):  It is my opinion about this case → Ref: Mary’s Table of Objection to Respondent’s Evidence, on page 9 under Attachment 34

Mary spiers Williams - Toilet and Shitting

Another example of Mary’s “opinion about this case” & possibly also about the Tribunal’s process was expressed through her tender of Defecating Evidence with file name: “\A. Images relevant during tenancy\IMAGES … during tenancy mostly 20110722\ IMG_1256 Please turn down sound! accidental film entry\IMG_1256 accidentally filmed entering shows opening padlocks and a little of the entrance perhaps 20110820.MOV”:  it is an audio, it is most irrelevant, offensive, unnecessary and disrespectful piece of evidence ever heard, it was admitted into Tribunal’s evidence, Tribunal had no objections nor did it place any ban on its publication: 

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OK – issue solved – click on the following link to watch the movie:

Example of Mary’s other work:

Here is a Copy of the Submission for 2-nd Internal Re-Hearing under s.68(9A) of the CTTT Act 2001 (NSW) with due date for filing tomorrow 09/09/2013:  Internal Re-Hearing – WordPress Copy

Here is a Copy of the Application for Refund on the grounds of CTTT’s incompetence and corruption which the party in the proceedings was unwilling to sponsor:  Application for return of Application Fee

Also see:  OLSS Complaint against MSW – WordPress